About Us

We are a Health Insurance agency with 24 years of experience helping people like you find the perfect plan for you, your family, or your business. Based in Colorado, we also serve clients in California, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Contact us if you want to find cheaper Health Insurance options today!

Shopping for Health Insurance takes time and expertise and fortunately for you, we have both! We would love to do the shopping for you and our experience and expertise will help us find you the perfect plan!

Health Insurance is evolving

Health Insurance is drastically different than it ever has been before, but we at JMP have kept up on the times. There are several circumstances in which we can help you. If one of these apply to you contact us so we can see if we can help.

Call or email us if:

  • Your Health Insurance premium went up
  • You lost or are losing group or family coverage
  • You recently had or are adopting a child
  • You recently found out you are pregnant
  • You recently got or are getting married
  • You recently or just turned 26
  • You have questions about Medicare
  • You need Dental Insurance
  • You have questions about Life Insurance
  • You have a 401(k) that needs to be rolled
  • You are interested in a fixed rate annuity