Connect for Health

We at JMP Financial Services, Inc. are Connect for Health Colorado™ certified brokers here to help you in all aspects of enrolling in health coverage. From creating your account, determining your subsidy amount, completing your application, and choosing the coverage that is best for you, we are well versed in how this website works and would love to assist you throughout the process. Why would you enroll in the Connect for Health Colorado™ Marketplace vs. straight through the carrier like in the past? The only place to receive a government subsidy to help with some or all of your premiums is Connect for Health Colorado™. See the chart below to see if you qualify.
Family Size Income range in which you may qualify for Tax Credits
1 $15,000 - $45,000
2 $21,500 - $62,000
3 $26,000 - $78,000
4 $31,000 - $94,000


If you find you may qualify for a Advance Premium Tax Credit based on the above graph. Click the tax credit calculator link below to find out just how much of a credit you may receive. Contact us (link) to find out how to obtain this credit.

Tax Credit Calculator   Estimate my Premium